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Health Myths Busted: Part One

If you have lived in America for any significant amount of time, chances are you have heard at least one cliché about health that is widely accepted as true. In reality, many of these clichés are either highly misleading or flat out false. Some can be a pain to observe, to boot! Save yourself the [...]

Hungry now?

Curb Your Appetite, Not Your Enthusiasm!

As the excitement of the new year fades, you may begin to lose your enthusiasm for the resolutions of health that you made. That one day break from the gym you earned turned into an ever increasing pattern of of three or four day gaps between workouts.But to your surprise you feel more hungry than [...]


5 Ways to Beat Winter Blues: Part 3

4) Supplement with vitamin D. In addition to having difficulty synchronizing ourselves with the sun in the colder months, many of us simply don’t get enough sun exposure, leaving us deficient in vitamin D, the “sunshine vitamin”. Vitamin D deficiency has been found to be especially prevalent in people of African descent living in latitudes [...]


5 Ways to Beat Winter Blues: Part 2

2) Exercise. You may have a million excuses for why you can’t exercise, but what you might not realize is that many of those excuses only exist because you don’t exercise. If you are too tired, too achy, or simply not in the mood to exercise, do it anyway! Studies have shown that 30 minutes [...]


5 Ways To Beat Winter Blues: Part 1

With the holiday season upon us, there is plenty to look forward to — families coming together, hearty meals, and well-earned time off from work! Nonetheless, many people find themselves struggling to muster up any holiday cheer during the winter months. If you need a pep talk just to get out of bed in the [...]