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Brilliant Beauty Buzz – Skin So Soft

Have you ever wondered how celebrities get that gorgeous radiant glow all over their bodies?  Well wonder no more.  I have a gel and lotion set that I absolutely love and just had to share!!  Now, it’s made by a rival competitor, but I love it nonetheless.  And if Mary Kay made a comparable product I would surely be glistening in it, but since we don’t….

The set is in the Skin So Soft collection made by Avon.  It is the Mineral Gems Glamorous Gold Body Lotion and Gelled Body Oil.  When I say love this stuff, I mean LOVE it!!  I layer the two, starting with the body oil and ending with the lotion.  It provides a gold shimmery radiance that makes your skin have a beautiful glow.   And not only does it provide silky smooth moisture, but it is also mineral enriched to keep your skin healthy.  I love to spread this on after the shower when I am going to be exposing a little skin…tube tops/dresses, legs out, halters.

So, of course, after I decided to write this review I go to the Avon website to find the products so I can post pictures and provide a link to purchase, and you know what…it’s been discontinued!!!  UGH!!  I soooooooooo hate when companies do that!!  Discontinuing products that customers like and give rave reviews on is NOT good business etiquette.  How stupid!!  Why would you discontinue a product that sells and makes money?  I hate when cosmetic companies do it too.  Like MAC…(tangent)

I went to MAC a few weeks ago to get one of my favorite lipsticks and the sales lady had the audacity to tell me they don’t make it anymore and don’t have anything comparable to it.  I looked at her like she had five heads.  I just couldn’t understand.  Now I know it’s not her fault, not did she have any say so in the matter, but the fact is, she was the deliverer of bad news so I wanted to cuss her out.  However, I did refrain and try to conduct myself like the lady I am, and went on to try to find something remotely close to the color I wanted.  After playing in the lipstick for half an hour, I left with an eye shadow and Mineralize Skinfinish.  I mean really.

But anyway, since AVON no longer carries my Glamorous Gold collection, I thought you might like to try the Satin Glow Absolute Glow Gel ($10) and Mineral Gems Shimmering Crystal Moisture Serum ($8)-both available at or through your local Avon representative.

Side Note – I did end up finding a shade by NYX that is very similar to the MAC lipstick I wanted.  Creamy Beige-absolutely love this nude color on my dark complexion when mixed with the right liners.  I use plums and chocolates.  I was too excited when I got it and it looked like my MAC!!  Yay!!

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