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Climate Changes in Life

Climate Changes in Life

When God made us, he made sure we were durable for many climate changes environmentally. Humans were like Ford trucks ‘built to last”. Well for His period of time anyway. We experience climate changes in different parts of the region and during four seasons of the year, depending on where you are located. So why not adjust your life the same way? If you have “weathered so many storms”, why not adjust your own life to hot and cold experiences in relationships? No matter how old you are this theory of logic applies to your life. If you are a teen, adjust your life to the difficult situations that you face in school or extracurricular activities? If you are middle aged, why not adjust your life to many sub-climate crisis’s that you experience or even subjected yourself to from being wreck less or just plain ignorant? If you are older, it’s never too late to adjust your thermostats in your life to adjust to your comfort zone. There’s nothing like realizing when your situation is too hot or cold to deal with. This is a new way of thinking. Instead of waiting for others to alter the atmosphere so that you are comfortable or at least you think, get up from where you are and change your surroundings to feel the sunshine in your life. Sometimes it takes you to change the climates in your life. Blaming others for past disappointments won’t save you. At this very moment, put your index finger in the air and look towards the sun to see where you inner dial is. Is it too hot or too cold? Maybe you are lukewarm and not hot enough. This meaning maybe you need to turn your temps up and move from where you are to go a little bit higher. The closer you are to the Son the hotter your spirit is. The colder you are the less you feel. Your body becomes numb. So think more of yourself to MOVE from where you are in order to see a better you. We’ve seen the rain in your life but in order for a rose to grow and bloom, you need the Son’s shine. Until the next time……..”Love yourself and you’ll find love all around you” – Val Watts


I am a very adventurous and outspoken person; I am a college student at the University of Phoenix. My son is 17 years old and graduates this year from PRP. I love a good debate that has basis for truth, and I live my life to the fullest because tomorrow is not promised. My main motto is "love yourself and you will find love all around you". -Val Watts

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