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Introducing YOGA! (by Karen McKnight)

Hello, my name is Karen McKnight and I have been certified as a yoga instructor for eight years. Yoga is an exercise discipline developed over 2,000 years ago which positively affects every system in your body.  “Yoga” is a Sanskrit word meaning, “to join or to yoke.” In class, we first join our breathing with our movements so that we can move in and out of the poses fundamental to yoga. Done correctly, this simple action immediately both calms the mind and eases the movement.  Furthermore, Yoga:

  • Recharges your sex life
  • Raises your energy level
  • Alleviates back pain
  • Prevents injuries and speeds up recovery
  • Gives you the best sleep of your life
  • Etc. (so stay tuned)

Nine years ago, I suffered from chronic shoulder pain (rotator cuffs) and a tremendous amount of emotional distress. Conventional medicines and therapies had not provided complete relief, healing or sleep. So, wearily, I joined my friend, Althea, in a yoga class. It was a physically challenging class which kept my mind positively engaged. My stress level was reduced so much in that first hour of yoga that I fell asleep…in class! Althea whispered my name three times to wake me. (I was snoring). Maybe I was heavily dozing, but anyway, I knew I was onto something very important to my life.

In my eight years as a yoga instructor, I have seen the ailments which plague our body due to the simple repetitive movements in our daily lives: like driving, keyboarding, sitting, and even our athletic activities. Basically, we train ourselves into “dis-ease”. In the weeks to come, I will present one illustrated basic yoga pose along with its benefits, (basic as in there will be no headstands and you won’t have to be super flexible). Some poses may be repeated at a later time, because they offer so many benefits. I will provide tips to relieve discomfort if you want to try the pose at home, but better yet, try a yoga class for yourself. Videos and the Wii systems are ok but they can’t replace a good yoga instructor giving you feedback.  This feedback can prevent injury, or encourage you to stay “in the game.”

I recommend consulting a physician before adding any new activity to your routine.  So get that done and come along with me. The human body is amazing –and you’ve got a good one!  Yoga is fun, challenging and just makes you feel great! Hmm…what shall we do first?

karen mcknight

Karen McKnight is owner of YOGA TO GO, LLC and has been a certified yoga instructor for eight years. Yoga and belly dance are the major components of her fitness regime. She teaches levels 1-2 of Hatha yoga in various styles including: Ball Yoga, Chair Yoga, Iron Yoga and Yoga Flow. Educating through humor on how to counteract the daily wear and tear to our bodies is the heart of her teaching. Fitness Philosophy: Our bodies were made to move so ditch ‘dis-ease’ and enjoy the freedom of movement and the richness of life with a yoga practice.

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