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Investments (part II)


In my previous article, I discussed how we need to save our generations by teaching them the value of money.  Money is how we survive and how we live whether that’s good or bad. How we invest our money is the question.   Do we invest too much or too less? Where do we start? First off, we need to analyze monthly monetary contributions to where your money is actually going.  Download a money management worksheet free off the internet and do a self analysis.  What did you find? Are you in the red or have a positive balance? You have to be truthful in observing yourself so that you can move forward.  Do you spend too much on shopping, eating out, etc.? After you pinpoint the problem, write yourself a contract to promise to stay true to yourself and your future by not buying unnecessary goods or services.  Secondly, go to and see where your credit stands.  Knowing you FICA score is one of the most crucial aspects of cleaning up your bad credit decisions.  Lastly, take 10 bills (if you have them) with small balances, and pledge to pay $100 out to them each month.  Don’t panic! How you do that is you first get your credit report and get your account numbers, creditors address from your report, and toll free numbers to call them to get your account status.   You then take the $100 that you plan on paying once a month and you pay no less than $10 each bill.  I know you are laughing but this will help you.  It seems small but each month that you pay on that past due account that is lingering you show an “interest to pay” and you gain points back little by little when you show an established payment history.  This will  take some time so don’t think in one year  you will be free and clear; however, you will be better off in credit standing.  Since Congress has been asked to raise the debt ceiling, that means that your creditors won’t make it so hard on you to get approve for goods and services.  It helps out the economy.  So you actually pay yourself off in the end.  Before you know it, that McDonald’s money that you sacrificed will have you in the house that you want or just plain debt free.  Some people pay off a big bill and take so much time doing that and it’s all good, but it shows so much more when you take at least 10 bills and pay $10 a month on them consistently.  Don’t keep applying for different things such as cars, credit cards, etc. Just the inquiry stays on your credit for a few years.  It brings down your established credit. Also, take a side note not to have too many loans lingering.  Consolidate them at a 5% interest rate and pay one main bill there.  Paying out 5 different loans isn’t going to help you at all.  Consolidation isn’t hard.  Take all of your loans and apply for them to merge and you will find that one bill to help the interest you will be paying in the end.  It seems hard when you first look at it but think about it.  Do you really need your hair done or cut every week? Where are you going? Do you need your nails done or a new tie every time you step out? Why step out so much? Make your home your paradise.  If you just have to be around company, have a house party and have your friend bring their own goods.  Just provide the atmosphere. There’s nothing wrong with being more financially aware of what’s going on. Look at the big picture in the end and where you will be.  Paying $20 to get into a club and then drinks may seem fun but it shouldn’t be every week.  That’s money that can have you vacationing more in your retirement.  This is a serious commitment to yourself so take some time and think about it.  Psychology teaches us that we tend to go easy on ourselves when we have to be critical so be very honest about yourself with yourself.  There’s nothing wrong with getting new shoes when OLD ones are worn down but to have 5 different black pair for different occasions is bananas.  I’m not being critical of you without speaking of myself.  I was the one that had to have my hair and nails done, new shoes, outfits, and popping bottles in the club.  Now I don’t get my nails done in a shop. I have the kit at home for less than $10 and that last me mostly 5 months.  If there is a special occasion, I may get my hair done.  Believe me, I love being pampered but I can’t keep seeing people pass me by while I struggle. I support entrepreneurs in all that they sacrifice and do but how will my future be bright by listening to vacations, etc. that others have taken? Why can’t I enjoy life too? I’ve made some very bad credit decisions that I am trying to clean up now.  I’ve listened and I’m learning.  People will do better if someone takes the time out to help them and guide them.  There comes a time in your life where you want much more. I’m willing to wear the same t-shirt and jeans that have been washed to death to show my son what’s most important.  It’s sad that I learned this later on in life because two generations went off the grid and stop listening to our ancestors when saving but it has to start at some point. So you spent the electric bill money on an outfit that was banging but who really remembers that but you? Something to think about!  More to come so stay tuned.  We will next teach our children how to save so that they will have a better future.  Until next time, don’t buy them shoes girl.  Save your money. LOL Love yourself and you’ll find love all around you – Val Watts


I am a very adventurous and outspoken person; I am a college student at the University of Phoenix. My son is 17 years old and graduates this year from PRP. I love a good debate that has basis for truth, and I live my life to the fullest because tomorrow is not promised. My main motto is "love yourself and you will find love all around you". -Val Watts

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