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Natural Hair + Love?

INPUT NEEDED: Is it true that men aren’t attracted to women with natural hair. A female was told by a man that she’d stay single as long as she was natural – share your thoughts, please!!
    • IM

      No, it’s definitely not true. Since I’ve been natural, I’ve gotten extra attention from men. For me, it makes me stand out and they see me instantly. They seem a lot nicer too. Even with my mohawk, they’re being extra cordial. I remember… when I first got my mohawk, my church was the first time I wore it in a crowded building and even now, I get a lot of compliments on it (in church, it’s from mostly older men and other naturals). They would point and say things like, “I like your hair like that!” In addition to that, my boyfriend can’t keep his hands out of my hair. He was with me before I went natural and prefers my natural more. One day, I joked with him and told him that I was going to get a relaxer and he said, “Why? You look better with your hair like this.” Natural hair is apart of all us, whether we’re relaxed or not, it still comes out of our scalp. If a woman’s man can’t accept a natural part of her, it’s not love and he’s with her for the wrong reasons. I also believe that it’s one’s choice to do what they want with their hair, and they should style it to suit their own personal tastes before someone else’s.See More
      Sunday at 9:01pm ]
    • AJ I have actually had someone say to me, and I quote, “if I wanted to see all that natural ish, I’d go to Africa”!!! He was referring to afros but still… I was pretty shocked and offended!! So I do think that a lot of men think this way!! Pretty sad… but then again, what do they know about hair?? They like the long, straight stuff and don’t know how to appreciate the natural, healthy stuff…. I just shook my head and said whatever to his ignorance!!

      Sunday at 9:06pm
    • IG

      There’s always going to be someone who disapproves of someone’s natural, but there are a lot of men out there who LOVE natural hair. Some are used to their woman’s hair being relaxed because that’s all they’ve been exposed to, but all it t…akes for some of these same men is for a woman to show her natural beauty to him in order for him to change his mind. I’ve gotten compliments from a lot of men who would specifically tell me that they appreciate me wearing my hair natural. It feels good when I got compliments when I didn’t have relaxed hair, but for someone to compliment me on my actual DNA gives me an amazing feeling that I can’t describe. There is someone out there for everyone who will accept them for who they are, including your friend. She just has to let her light shine and not allow fear or doubt to dim it.See More
      Sunday at 9:07pm
    • AJ On the other hand, I do get lots of compliments and am noticing that more men than I thought truly do love and appreciate the naturalness. So…. I think it’s the BOYS who have an issue with it, not MEN!! :)

      Sunday at 9:08pm
    • IJ Right on, A!

      Sunday at 9:10pm ·  
    • OnyxLouisville Michelle Someone else said that they believe it’s really dependent on the length more than whether or not it’s natural. Some women with natural hair have said the longer their hair has become, the more men have complimented them on their hairstyle

      Sunday at 9:11pm ·
    • RW I think as long as it looks nice that statement is not true…but just because ur natural doesn’t mean u don’t comb ur hair at all!!

      Sunday at 9:13pm ·
    • AJ I believe that Michelle… because although people like when I wear my hair curly, I get more compliments when it’s straight because it’s much longer.

      Sunday at 9:15pm ·
    • IM ‎@A- Yeah, there are some men like that. It’s sad. Fortunately, I haven’t experienced a man who talked badly of my hair to my face. (I’ve been natural for almost 5 years.) But I have had my boyfriend crack jokes. LOL. Sadly, when I first went natural, I had only gotten disapproval from other black women. =(

      Sunday at 9:15pm ·
    • IM OnyxMichelle- I think it is for some. Men liked my twa though. It was only some relaxed black women who didn’t. But as it grew out, they began to like it as much as the men did.

      Sunday at 9:17pm ·
    • OnyxLouisville Michelle The great thing about this conversation is that the natural women responding are IN relationship which means that it is definitely possible to love your hair and be loved!!!!

      Sunday at 9:20pm
    • IM Ohh, you just made me remember something. There’s a great website called Black Love Poster, ran Leila of Black Girl With Long Hair that shows women (those both natural and relaxed) coupled up with their mates at

      Sunday at 9:23pm
    • DJ (male) Thats a total untruth

    • OnyxLouisville Michelle Ahh, a man- what are your thoughts D?

      Sunday at 9:36pm ·
    • DA (male) Personally, I rather my lady have the nice long or curly mane but I’m open to the natural look as long as it’s well groomed, and the stylist is a professional in this type of hair etc. Men are very visible and I’ve seen some natural hair on woman that looks a hot mess.

      Sunday at 9:45pm ·
    • OnyxLouisville Michelle D, do you prefer natural hair over a weave?

      Sunday at 9:46pm ·
    • DA (male) I don’t like weave, per se’ but if it’s a piece or two just for the style I’m ok with that.

    • MG (male) I don’t think that’s true at all. I really think it’s the woman. I’ve seen some really beautiful natural styles on some women that are really beautiful.

    • SS Natural and Nicely Kept is the way to go…..

    • KW (male) Not true. I prefer Natural Beauty – Hair, Body and Face preferbaly no additives and preservatives.

    • CM (male) Natural is sexy!

    • MT (male) So not true!

    • MT (male) In fact, too much of the opposite makes me suspect as to what it looks like under the hood. LOL

    • GJ (male) Not true…
    • DR I believe my fiance’ and I would disagree. He likes my hair even better natural. Loves how healthy it looks. He doesn’t mind any style I wear as long as it works for me. But he loves it natural.

      Monday at 8:37am ·
    • RC some men are still trapped in a colonialist mentality,i.e. loving the straight, smooth hair of their owners/miss massa’s.

    • KW (male)Brothers and Sisters please keep in mind Natural hair is just that Natural. Some of our Sisters have hair that’s Straight, Curly, Kinky, and Wavy. We have to remember not only do we have different shades of beauty but different grades of hair. All of which are Beautiful Naturally. Be proud my Sisters no matter what your hair texture is or the amount melanin that’s in your skin because all of you are beautiful.

    • RT kevin u r such a positive black man i am proud to call u my friend!!!

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    • WH I wear my hair almost bald. And yes, I’ve been told that and more. One man just laughed in my face. My husband was initially anger when I cut it off. Now, he looks at me and says, “I like your hairstyle, it shows your natural beauty.” I know I was born to look this way. Until we embrace who we are without what THEY tell us we should look like, we will remain ignorant. People want to say it is a matter of preference, but we all know the truth, they way we naturally are is the way nature planned it.

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    • WK Since I started locking my hair 6 years ago, attention from men increased. My hair has proven to be a great conversation starter. The only down side that I have experienced is the uninvited touching of my hair.

    • OnyxLouisville Michelle Thank you, thank you, thank you for the great comments. I’m going to direct the person that emailed me to read these comments so she’ll know that there are people out that there that will find her style beautiful!

      Monday at 1:56pm ·
    • RW Men like that don’t know their “Roots” It is their lost can’t appreciate natural beauty.

      Monday at 2:53pm ·
    • LD (male) personally I like well groomed natural hair

      Monday at 3:20pm ·
    • JB (male) I personally love and admire women with natural hair.

      Monday at 9:38pm ·
    • AB (male) I like it all. If it looks good on u it’s cool. if u look good natural it’s a plus more than anything though. that means the look will last a lot longer.

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