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The Salience Pre-Derby Fashion Show Recap

If you missed the Salience Pre-Derby Fashion Show at the Kentucky Derby  Museum at the beginning of this month, you missed a terrific treat!!  I must say it was a fabulous production put on by First Friday Louisville’s Executive Director Ramon Ponder and coordinated by Chandra Weathers.  Recently I had the opportunity to catch up with Mr. Ponder himself to ask a few questions.  Here’s the scoop:

1.  Where did the idea for the Salience name and fashion show come from? 

I thought of the idea of the Pre-Derby Fashion Show, but Kenneth Smith, the Marketing Director, thought of the name to call it.  Salience is the state or condition of being prominent, conspicuous, or striking.

2.  What was your vision for the show?  Did it meet those expectations and why? 

We wanted to hold a diverse fashion show that featured attire that would be worn throughout the derby weekend.  We did not want to just cater to one market.  Our goal was to bring a large eclectic group of people together.  We did accomplish our goal for the most part; we had a lot of diversity with not only the participants in the show, but the patrons who attended the show.

3.  What lines were featured?  Why or how were those lines selected? 

We had apparel from Cache, Pitiya, Core, Loud, ggStrut, Off Broadway, K&G & BWatts Hats.  The style team along with the designers selected the clothing, shoes and accessories.

4.  How did you select the models?

I had a panel of judges select the models from a series of model calls.

5.  How long did this event take to plan and who was on your team?

It took us roughly 4 months.  We had a very extensive team of roughly 20 people who participated in various ways including but not limited to:  Kenneth Smith-Marketing Director, Chandra Weathers-Choreographer, Tracy Scherer-Administrative Assistant, Whitney Abel- Administrative Assistant, Scooter Ray-Designer, Latora Michelle-Designer, Julie Smith-MC, DJ Evolution-DJ, Legendz Salon’s Staff, Dana Osborne-Elite Styling Salon, Tiffany Wright-Makeup Artist and Stylist, Ty Lockhart-Photographer, Jami Guess-Photographer, Kamilah Dobynes-Stylist, and Flora Daniel-Administrative Assistant and Stylist.

6.  Will you do another fashion show next year? 

Yes, this is an annual event.  We have already received several requests from people and businesses in several areas who want to participate in next years show.  We have already begun planning the next one.

7.  Do you have any upcoming events?

Yes, “THE E&J GALLO GLAMOURLIFE KENTUCKY DERBY WEEKEND” is 2 Parties, 2 Nights, 1 Low Price on Friday May 6th & Saturday May 7th at “THE WAREHOUSE” located at 835 EAST MAIN STREET from 12:00 AM – 6:00 AM both nights.

8.  Is there anything else you would like to share with the readers of OnyxLouisville?? 

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As I stated earlier, I thoroughly enjoyed the show.  I had the opportunity to be one of the stylists and makeup artists for the show and I had an absolute blast!!  Working with all of the beautiful models, doing what I love, was indeed a treat for me.  The local designers, Latora Michelle of Loud! Shoes, Scooter Ray of Core, and Brenda Watts of BWatts Hats are some of Louisville’s most talented local designers and I was in awe of their creations.  Hopefully I will have a chance to catch up with each of them soon to share their thoughts about their experiences as new designers in the Louisville market.  Until then, I can’t wait until next year’s show, it is sure to be even bigger and better than this one.

Check out for more official photos in the upcoming weeks.  But right now you can see more pictures right here on the OnyxLouisville website under Events at


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