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Think About It…Overcommitted?

Give me a man who says, “This one thing I do,” and not, “These fifty things, I dabble in.”

Dwight L. Moody 1837-1899, American Evangelist

A person that is overcommitted, is physically unable to do their best at any one thing.  They eventually end up doing a half-hearted-to poor job at fulfilling their obligations.

Steven L. McKinley, senior pastor of the House of Prayer Lutheran Church in Richfield, Minnesota said, “I need to take a rigorous look at what I am doing and what I am being asked to do and decide which of the items … on the great buffet table set before me … best serve the interests of my vocation, my professional responsibilities and my life.”

We usually take on more than we can handle because we see a need that no one else is filling, or because we’re trying to impress others with our abilities and godliness, or because we’re trying to please God or man.

If you have taken on too many assignments, do as the psalmist did and admit to God, “For I am overwhelmed, and You alone know the way I should turn.”(Psalm 142:3-NLT). Then ask God to help you remove the items from your “great buffet table”, that don’t fit His purpose for your life. After all, the “one thing” we should all do first and foremost is love and commune with God.

…one thing only do I want: to live in the Lord’s house all my life, to marvel there at his goodness, and to ask for his guidance.

Psalm 27:4 (GNT)

S. G. Duffy

Pay attention, my child, to what I say. Listen carefully. Don’t lose sight of my words. Let them penetrate deep within your heart, for they bring life and radiant health to anyone who discovers their meaning. Proverbs 4:20-22 (NLT)

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