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Train Wreck Analysis: BET’s Debra Lee

Okay, so it took me a while to write this because I had to let my nerves calm down from all of the mishaps my eyes were witnessing the night of the BET Awards on June 26th.  Whew.  Deep breaths, deep breaths….So, after much deliberation I have decided this article will be the nicest it can be because I just can’t be that nice, when it comes to Ms. Debra Lee.  (Did ya’ll catch that rhyme??  LOL)  Anyhoo, as I have previously stated in another post, Ms. Lee’s stylist, makeup artist and publicist should all be fired!!  Terminated Immediately!!  I just can’t seem to grasp how she manages to look a hot damn mess every, I mean EV-VER-RY time she graces a stage.  It’s really quite disturbing.  And true to herself, she came out there in a very unflattering, spotted like a dalmatian, contraption not suited for her.  Now, the dress could have been cute…on someone.  But definitely not Ms. Lee.  Oh Ms. Lee, Ms. Lee…Whew…I mean just look at it, no really, pause and look at the picture…

I know right!!  You have no words, and I have very few, but just wrong comes to mind.  First of all, the color of the dress combined with peachy lips, copper/bronzed cheeks and a slight dark brown eyeshadow in the corner, just totally drain her out.  And I know weight is a sensitive issue, or it is for me anyway, as I am at the heaviest I’ve been in my whole entire life on this planet, but I digress, but that being said, she just looks frumpy.  I’m a little chubby, but I know what to rock to mask the evidence of one too many nachos or glasses of wine.  And her stylist should know the same tricks.  But the bare arms with visible cellulite and the tired dragging face are just not a good look.  The makeup artist should have used airbrush makeup and colors that complimented her red-bone skin tone.  I’m confused, why exactly does she look this way on her show that she planned, and therefore, should have had ample time to prepare for??

And why is that bracelet silver?!?!  Clearly gold, a bronzed metal, or black jewelry that matched the earrings would have been a better selection.  Ugh!!  And let’s not get started on the hair…oh the hair…What’s goin’ on?  Is it nappy around the edges and just curled back??  Oh honey, when there is so much hair to be purchased she chose to rock this mess.  Just sad.  Hairstylist should be fired as well, call Ursula Stephen please.  The only thing positive I could come up with about this train wreck was her clear polished nails.  Yep, that’s it.  And maybe the black teardrop earrings.  Yep, that’s it.

So I might be being a bit harsh on Ms. Lee, if so let me know.  I welcome all opinions and comments.  These are just a few, and I mean few, thoughts I had about the sight I saw on the 26th.   What were yours?

Tiffany Wright

Tiffany Wright - Beauty & Beyond

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